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F150LEDs CREE LEDs vs China LEDs
F150LEDs CREE LEDs vs China LEDs

Why does F150LEDs use CREE LEDs vs the cheaper China alternatives others offer?

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All LEDs are certainly not created equally. We utilize CREE LED technology because it is the best in the world.

Most of what you find others pushing today are LED chips mass manufactured in China with the primary focus of making the cheapest & most generic LED chip possible. This results in poor design architecture, the lowest quality components possible and poor quality control.

Frustratingly for the end user, this leads to poor brightness, inconsistent color purity and shorted life spans.

CREE LEDs manufactured in the USA use the highest level of design architectures, the highest-grade components available and are unique in offering a wide range of class specific LED chip options.

For the end user this means an LED chip that is extremely efficient, incredibly bright, pure in color output and a long life. The wide class selection also means that we can utilize specific LED chips in relation to our trucks specific needs for optimal efficiency & output.

CREE technology is more expensive than the mass manufactured Chinese alternatives but we feel the investment is well worth it for the safety, performance & visual upgrades that they add to our Trucks!

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