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Pressure Relief Valve / Condensation Removal
Pressure Relief Valve / Condensation Removal

Pressure relief valves provide an easy way to normalize the pressure between internal/external pressure in case slight condensation appears.

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Our Spartan series LED housings are built to withstand the harshest of elements with a full waterproof rating. Due to our weathertight seals, internal pressure inside the housing vs that on the exterior can vary dramatically however. This variance can be caused by a change in temperature or altitude or it could happen because the internals of your LED housing loose gas or consume oxygen. If this occurs you may observe the signs of slight condensation.

If this were to occur, it can typically be resolved by running the lights for an extended period of time and allowing the delta between the internal housing and external pressure to adjust. If that does not rectify signs of the slight condensation, then you can utilize the pressure relief valve to normalize the pressure of your unit.

You can utilize the valve by unscrewing (left turns) the top valve from the housing. This allows your enclosure to 'breathe' , normalize its pressure, reduce condensation and filter out any excess liquid. Once completed, be sure to fully re-tighten (right turns) the seal cap.

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