To connect your Raptor Lights to your marker lights you simply need to gain access to your Bronco headlight harness plug. Then using the included easy quick connectors attach your raptor grill light harness to either your driver side or passenger side headlight harness using the wire colors/PIN locations as show below.

Parking Lamp Headlight Harness Wire Colors/PIN Locations

Driver side

Power - Green w/ (orange or brown) tracer (PIN9)

Ground – Black w/ green tracer (PIN10)

Passenger side

Power – Brown w/ yellow tracer (PIN9)

Ground – Black w/ gray tracer (PIN10)

*if the listed colors above are not present, please reference and use the same PIN positions.

** when using parking lamp connection, your raptor lights will be active whenever your parking lights are active (at night on AUTO, manually during the day, etc)

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