With the F150LEDs MKV headlight system, you can adjust the light cast by using our bulb rotation feature.

There is no 'right' way to set the headlights. It is based on your preference, your trucks stance, etc etc. How we send the lights is what we like best, but feel free to modify if you think they are causing glare to other drivers etc.

  • Please Note Aiming the headlights correctly using the trucks headlight adjustment screw is very important in getting the most from your headlight output and preventing discomfort to oncoming drivers.

For our MK V headlight bulbs for the 1992-2014 models, to manage the light cast you can simply rotate the unit. To do this, you simply just rotate the base of the bulb clockwise by pushing the 2 tabs that stick out underneath the bulb and you will hear the unit click each time it is rotated. We would recommend rotating the bulb 180 degrees from the position it was in.  

For a 2015-2022 MKV headlight bulb, you will need to remove the Allen wrench that was included in your headlight box. You will need to use this wrench to remove the set screw in the locking tab as shown below. Once you remove this screw you can adjust the locking tab 180 degrees and then tighten this screw back into place.

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