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My Headlights will not power on or don’t seem to work correctly.
My Headlights will not power on or don’t seem to work correctly.

Some quick tips to get your LED headlights working.

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The first step to resolve this issue is to check both three pin connectors that connect to the truck on the headlight kit, as this is the most common reason for the lights to function incorrectly or not power on. Sometimes the specs can vary slightly even among our F150's so adjustments may need to be made. If one or more of the three male pins on the LED light system is ever so slightly out of line the plastic plug will appear to be properly connected but the miss aligned pin(s) may not be making contact causing the light to malfunction. The deviation of the pins is sometimes very slight and you can miss it at first glance. Carefully re-aligning these three pins to insure they go into the correct hole will rectify the issue.

This image shows the correct PIN insertion pleacement.

This image shows the correct pin orientation. You can properly align your tabs using a flat head screw deriver etc. as needed, but be careful not to break the tabs.

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