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My tracking does not seem to be updating?
My tracking does not seem to be updating?

Tracking updates can sometimes be slower than the actual shipment.

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Tracking is handled by the shipping service. While typically very good, the updating can be errant and unpredictable.

Many times it can simply be that we are still processing your item but have pre-informed usps of your package to ensure that fastest shipment possible once the item is complete.
Do not be alarmed if your updates seem to be slow, or if your package has not left a single location in 48 hours. Please be patient as any delays typically are worked out by the postal organization.
If your package has been idle for an extended time it may be time to contact usps and open a claim on your package using the following link
Always contact your local usps post office, as many times they themselves have your package in hand but need further direction etc.

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