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How To Return Product for Replacement Under 1-Year Warranty
How To Return Product for Replacement Under 1-Year Warranty

Have a product issue? We are here for you!

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Sometimes things go bad, but we are here to stand behind you and our products if it ever happens.


Make sure to read the following guidelines to ensure this is the correct form for you.

  1. Warranty replacements are honored on products 365 days (1 year) from the purchase date.

  2. This form is meant for defective parts, units damaged in shipping, improper color etc.

  3. Please thoroughly check the support center installation instruction guide and the troubleshooting guide for solutions before submitting your claim. Most of the time, the information there is able to resolve the situation.

More info about our warranty policy can be found here.

Download, print and fully complete the replacement request form using the hyperlink below.

Package the items that need replacement along with your completed replacement request form and send them back to us.

Please write "REPLACEMENT" followed by your order number on the outside of your package. Please always use delivery confirmation/package tracking service.

Ship the Package to:

F150LEDs 4321 Southern Pines Drive Evans Ga 30809 United States

That's It! We will upgrade your replacement items to priority shipment!

We will have your return packaged processed within 48-72 hours of receiving it (mon-fri) and will send replacement ASAP!

An email will be sent using the original orders E-mail with shipping information or a request for additional information.

There is no need to contact us about your replacement request unless you notice it has been delivered for over 72 hours (mon-fri) but you have not received any kind of notice via email.

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