Firstly, be sure yo select the 'NO' option when asked if you are installing with cup holder option on the product page. This will tell our team to build power leads into your kit. 

The power leads consists of a fuse tap module and a ground ring terminal. 

Your ground ring terminal will connect to the bolt located in your passenger foot well near where the dash starts. A 7/16 wrench can be used to loosen the bolt, slide on the ground ring terminal and then re-tighten the bolt fully. 

For power hook up, remove fuse from position #23, insert it into your fuse tap along with the included fuse and install the fuse tap where the original fuse was removed in slot #23.

To gain access to your passenger fuse panel, please reference the video in the link below.

After hooking up your ground and power, you should be all set! 

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