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How Affirm Works
How Affirm Works

How Affirm works from start to finish

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Affirm does a soft check on your credit (which won’t affect your credit score) to determine your risk as a borrower. For some borrowers, a down payment may be due at the time of purchase, as they may not be able to approve you for the total amount of your purchase.

At checkout, once you’ve been approved, Affirm will offer you three options, showing you your monthly payments for a 3-month term, a 6-month term, and a 12-month term. The payments quoted there include everything you will owe, interest included.

Your purchase then goes forward as it usually would. We will send you your F150LEDs products and Affirm will then send you regular reminders of your monthly payments, which start one calendar month from the day your loan is processed. 

Learn how to create an account, see if you prequalify, or apply for a loan. To learn more visit their official site:

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