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MK5 headlight fitment for 2015-2022 F150's
MK5 headlight fitment for 2015-2022 F150's

The MK5 is a tight fit for low beams on the 2015, 2016 & 2017 F150's. This guide shows you the photos you need to fit everything perfectly.

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Be sure to thoroughly check out our 2015+ headlight installation videos located on the MKV product page (you may need to scroll down the page), or by using this link; 

For a video that focuses on MKV low beam fitment, use the link/video below. It highlights how to gain clearance using the headlight adjustment screw. (you can skip ahead to 4:40 mark for this)

Example photos;

adjust counterclockwise before installation. Rotate clockwise after installation.

low beams installed (bulb on top is low beam).

Custom grommet installed over the MK5 low beam unit.

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