How the Cup Holder Coaster Light Kit works

How to activate, use and charge your F150LEDs cup holder LED light coaster kit

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Set up

  1. After opening your package, the first thing to do is to remove the protective film from the top of the coaster unit. You can do this by simply using your fingernail etc to separate the protective film and then full away from the cup holder. If your unit appears slightly scratched etc it may be because this film has not been removed yet.

  2. Your cup holder lights may arrive with a charge, but we suggest fully charging them before use. Connect the included charger cable to a USB port such as the ones on your truck (if equipped), your PC or  your mobile phone charging device outlet. Then connect the mini-USB port to the cup holder itself. The cup holder will turn green while charging. Please charge the cup holder for 24 hrs before use. 

  3. After charging, remove the -mini-USB connector and press the gold button on the back of the device once. If done properly, the coaster light should flash once. This indicates that the unit is now active. If you ever need to disable the coaster, press the gold button on the back once again and the coaster should flash twice, indicating it is now deactive. To reactive, simply press the gold button again.

Automatic Light Activation

Your cup holder coasters are equipped with two sensors that dictate when the lights are on and off. If both the light and motion sensors are active then your coaster lights will automatically activate. (or deactivate if both parameters are not met) 

  1. Ambient (light) sensor - This sensor will detect if there is sufficient darkness to warrant the coaster being on. During the day the coasters will not activate in order to save battery power. (unless a drink is placed on the cup holder or something else causes it to detect darkness)

  2. Motion sensor - This sensor will detect movement. This prevents the coasters from staying on after you've left your vehicle and allows the coaster to automatically activate as you get in the truck etc. Just turning on the truck or opening a door is generally enough motion to active the coaster lights. Depending on how long you vehicle remains still it is possible to trick the motion sensor into thinking you've left the vehicle, but they should activate once you start moving again (if both motion and light parameters are met).

*If you start to experience strange behavior or your coasters are not as bright, it may be time to charge them again. Remember to reactivate them after charging. 

**Approx run time is 20 hours of light time on a full charge or approx 1 week of normal usage.

***Full charging takes about 40 minutes depending on charger etc. 

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